*** Please refrain from using download "accelerators" to try to ***
    *** push others away and get more than your share of bandwidth! ***
    *** People doing so will be _nullrouted_. You have been warned. ***

These are the standard Nalimov tablebase files. I've made them available over
HTTP for convenience, since not everybody likes to set up Yet Another Obscure
P2P Client. The server may not live forever and be taken down one day (probably
sooner than later if people keep using download "accelerators"), but until
then, enjoy the gigabit of tablebase goodness.

Directory sizes (approx.):

  3-4-5/               7GB
  3+3/                96GB
  4+2/               111GB
  3+3-with-pawns/    430GB
  4+2-with-pawns/    513GB
  Total             1151GB

2013-12-13: After some unfortunate downtime, the Syzygy bases are now back
online. Sizes:

  syzygy/3-4-5/       1GB
  syzygy/6-DTZ/      82GB
  syzygy/6-WDL/      68GB
  Total             151GB

The server is currently running on privately owned hardware, with bandwidth and
hosting donated by Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem (and in turn, NTNU/UNINETT).

  - Steinar H. Gunderson  <>
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